Wasting Time

by Mark Harrod

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    releases 03 May 2015

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Choirs of Angels
Lost & Curious
Lonesome Hollow
Hell or High Water
Silence the Sound
School Buses


releases 03 May 2015

Lead vocals/acoustic guitar: Mark Harrod
Backup vocals: Kara Hawes, Jordan Woiteshek
Drums: Brad Hawes
Bass guitar: Mary Gaines
All other instruments: Chris Wagoner
Engineered by: Mike Zirkel & Tyler Commo
Mixed By: Mike Zirkel
Mastered by: Justin Perkins of Mystery Room Mastering



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Track Name: Wasting Time
Spilt my coffee on her apron
Like she’s done a thousand times
And I could tell her hands were shakin'
Till her hands were touching mine

And the story’s the same
Things are gonna change
But we’re wasting time

Took that first step out the front door
Like I’ve done a thousand times
Didn’t turn to say I’m leaving
No she’ll never see a tear in these eyes

And the story’s the same
Things are gonna change
But we’re wasting time

Packs her suitcase in the bedroom
So the kids won’t see her cry
Yells to them, “I’ll be out soon”
Then starts to plan the ride of their life

And he smokes his cigar
Alone in his car
Yeah, he’s wasting time.

It all sounds the same; it’s part of the game
That no body loses. No body wins
I’ll see you at home; we’ve one week to go and 10,000 roads

Took that right turn out the driveway
Like she’s done a thousand times
Whispers soft, “we’ll do this my way”
Now turn around kids and kiss the house goodbye

Cause the stories remain
Ah…But things are gonna change
We’re done wasting our time… Wasting our time…
We’re wasting our time…Wasting our time